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Hey there! I’m Casey, a lover of music, coffee, sushi, seafood {clam chowder}, flowers, Australian shepherds, windows down, spring cleaning and cards in the mail. A thirty-something living in Eastern North Carolina. I am a natural light portrait, lifestyle and family photographer in Wilson,  serving people along these borders.   {Yes, I travel!}

By nature I am a busy-body and big dreamer, it would take hours to tell you about all of the things I'm passionate about – a perfect spring day, a piece of music performed with as much musical finesse as possible, treating as many people with kindness as humanly possible, trying to save the world by recycling everything I see, seeing families come together for reunions and watching parents get teary eyed as they watch their babies in their cap and gown pictures...

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There's a LOT going on behind these lenses!

I am a full time Minister of Music at First Christian Church in Wilson, NC (www.fccwilson), I accompany for Hunt High School and Beddingfield High School Choirs and have a small piano studio of 5 students...I am a boy mom to an incredible 3 year old and now 2 month old...and then there's THIS - this business that I love so much!!

This love of mine began professionally about 4 years ago.  Seniors are probably my FAVORITE sect of photography and precisely how my photography business began! In Spring 2014, I traveled as accompanist for Hunt Chorus to Carnegie Hall in NY. I took my camera {as I did everywhere} and took pictures EVERYWHERE including many of the chorus.

After seeing the albums I shared with the chorus, a few of the {then} juniors asked if I would take their senior pictures that next Fall. I had no idea what that even would be like...I had started learning more as a hobbyist {nature, landscapes, my cat} on how to achieve certain styles that I liked, but had never been asked to use photography for someone else other than myself....

That was 5 years ago. 

My business went 'official and legal' in 2018 and now, here we are - thanks to those high school girls!

Casey W. Childers Photography is a fully licensed and insured business as well as a professionally published photographer in AgCarolina Calendar, Shutter Scene Magazine, Shutter Up Magazine and the National Examiner. 

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Frankly, I can't give you a firm reason on this. Everyone has their own style of images that they are looking for.  I stay with a lighter style that seeks the light and glow wherever I can find it, and then sometimes I prefer a darker, moodier feel. However, if my consistent style of spontaneity and authentic moment makes you smile, then I can't wait to work with you! I don't believe in collecting things, but I do believe in creating moments and collecting those instead.

I believe you should be able to look back with laughs, smiles and tears upon the life you live. We never know if the day may come that photographs are all we have to remember it by. I believe that candid moments are the best. That the smiles flashed on a whim upon hearing something funny show the laughter of the soul. That expressions of joy or sorrow caught in a moment tell the true story of the spirit behind those expressions.

That being said...if you enjoy a natural look, a session full of laughs, awkward moments and feeling like family, I hope you will consider me. In my work, to know that I, if for one moment, captured the essence and soul of a person, I have served my purpose.

I promise that I will share your life through photographs which will be treasured for years to come. I hope to give you images that are genuine, authentic and in the moment...

who you really are.

I hope to make you feel comfortable, help you laugh and create a comfortable experience for those who may even find themselves loathing photographs.

Above all, I hope to help you remember what happiness looks like.

~the necklace I usually wear...my mom's wedding diamond {she passed away unexpectedly in 2010} she loved photography and developed her own film

~making lists and checking things off

~great congregational singing

~those serendipitous moments that make you realize life is exactly where it is supposed to be

~sweeping, raking, yardwork and just generally cleaning

~literally all styles of music, but especially sacred harp & bluegrass

~spending time with my family

~Michelle Obama

~road trips

~all things Appalachian State & the mountains

~comfortable clothes and my tennis shoes

~watching hours upon hours of fixer upper style shows...although I used to cringe when my mom had 'This Old House" on PBS...

~finding McCoy pottery

~everything farmhouse + distressed + timeless

~thrift shopping and any rummage place

~finding a ridiculous bargain

~thunderstorms {if music fails me, i vow to be a storm chaser}

~handwritten notes

~being a part of people's lives {oh yes, and if you didn't notice....getting to know people and learning ridiculous, quirky details about other people}

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and for the record, most days in public and at your session,

you will most likely see me like this...{middle!}

sporting around whatever fits with one of my boys close by!

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