my everyday images

I am a photographer that lives by her word - I absolutely LOVE photography.  I don't simply love it when I line up a killer session, my gear goes with me  everywhere.  I am just waiting for the opportunity to add to the moments of my life.  My sons probably have over 4,000 images of themselves on my external hard drive. I went through more disposable cameras in middle school than most could shake a stick at! 

But whether it is a new concert venue where I am performing, a trip to NY, lounging around the lake on vacation, watching my boys play, finding an abadoned house or my favorite, street photography, it is truly my therapy. I love these collections because I also get to witness how my own personal style of photography has changed and grown over the years! My travels (church/organ photography) were primarily with a point & shoot, but you can see how much I still enjoyed capturing those moments!

My favorite things to see out and photograph? Street photography, candids and abandoned historic homes & barns that lose their story as they disappear. 

Dive into my little world below and see some of these great moments from my personal life!

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